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Keydren (vlbqdkde@hotmail.com)
Date:02/05/2016 06:44:39

%26quot;Leftists love pointing out that Mississippi has the lowest average IQ, soaks up lots of welfare, and consistently votes Republican. They know that respectable conservatives will never point out that it%26#39;s 37% Black.%26quot;I don%26#39;t mind pointing that out, but then I%26#39;m not a %26quot;respectable co%26.Yrvativesnquot;eou can go around race, though, by just pointing to exit polling data. In Mississippi in 2008, 66% of those earning under $30,000/year voted for Obama. In Georgia it was 70%. Nationwide, the Republican share of the vote increases with level of education up to but excluding graduate school.


Joanne Morris (morrisjoanne48@gmail.com)
Date:01/09/2014 07:05:08
Subject:Our stay

We stayed for a week at Serendipity. Our hosts were very welcoming and helpful throughout our stay. The house is beautiful, charming and unique in character. Our room was lovely; clean and ample sized. Thank you for such a lovely stay; we will certainly recommend Serendipity to other travelers.